Young Professionals & Emerging Leaders

The Young Professionals & Emerging Leaders in Security subcommittee exists to provide a forum for professionals near the commencement of their security career to learn while building connections that will serve them for years to come.  The committee is event-focused, allowing members an opportunity to network often with other professionals involved in the security and law enforcement fields.

In addition to hosting various networking events, the Young Professionals places a special interest on mentoring within the chapter.  The mentoring objective seeks to build relationships between young professionals and experienced security practitioners, allowing expertise to be passed between professionals in an effort to continue advancing the goal to keep Chicagoland safe in an ever-evolving environment.


Young Professionals and Emerging Leaders in Security Networking Mixer:

Communicate the Right Image

This unique seminar is designed to explore the keys to developing and communicating a winning image in our professional and personal lives. Some of the topics covered during this highly interactive seminar include reasons why people like or dislike us, strategies for effectively communicating our image, choosing the best communication vehicle (when to text, email, call, visit in person, or write a personal note), keys to delivering bad news, how to really celebrate success, and tips for enhancing our relationships through our unique image.


Paul Petricca

Paul Petricca

Torque Consulting

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May 31st, 2018 YPELS and Women In Security Event Photos


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