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The ASIS Chicago Chapter, a local subset of the international organization, is among the top ten largest chapters in the organization, with over 700 members throughout the area.  The goal of the chapter is to promote safety and security in every realm of the profession, including healthcare facilities, campus safety, corporate / commercial real estate, the public sector, critical infrastructure protection, and distribution centers.  This is accomplished by bringing together practitioners from every field and allowing them to support one another through the sharing of knowledge, ideas, and experience.  The Chapter also utilizes its various security providers and vendors, who champion the latest technology and developments in system upgrades and integration.

Members Share the Value in Joining ASIS!

Chapter Secretary Mary Tylus shares her #MyASIS story from January's ASIS International Leadership Conference in Washington DC.

Volunteer Opportunities - 2021 Board and Committees


  • Receive at all chapter functions and deposit, in an account in the name of the chapter, all monies, securities, funds, and monetary credits of or on behalf of the chapter.
  • Receive and safeguard all property and other physical assets owned by the chapter.
  • Keep regular accounts of all receipts and disbursements in suitable books provided for that purpose. The records should be available for inspection by all officers and chapter members in good standing, and duly authorized representatives of the Society.
  • Disburse chapter funds upon approval and direction of the Chapter executive committee.
  • Report on the financial status of the chapter at chapter meetings as requested by the Chapter Chairman.
  • Adhere to any and all Internal Revenue filing requirements as set forth in ASIS Policy Guide 4015.



  • Secures and develops dates for chapter meetings with a calendar developed with the officers and Executive Committee and assists in securing a speaker and program for each agreed upon meeting.
  • Obtains the speaker's bio, picture, topic, and scope of the topic, along with any audio-visual needs of the speaker, and provides the newsletter editor and Chapter Chair with details of the speaker in accordance with publication deadlines.
  • Greets the speaker and coordinates introductions and seating. The Chair will introduce the speaker at the chapter meeting.
  • Sends a letter of thanks to the speaker (using Chapter ASIS letterhead) with a copy to his/her superior if authorized by the speaker.



  • Represents the Chapter on the ASIS International Women in Security Council.
  • Actively seeks to recruit and retain women in security professions as members of the Chapter.
  • Recommends women among the membership for leadership roles in the Chapter, as appropriate.
  • Coordinates with other committees to ensure the Chapter is meeting or exceeding the needs of the Council.


If interested in any of the above positions, please email [email protected]

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