Mentorship Program

The ASIS Chicago Chapter is re-committing our efforts to promote a program of mentorship within our community and to ensure the standard of excellence for which our profession is known.  The goal of our mentorship program is to foster mentoring relationships between security professionals through which advice is shared with those aspiring to enhance their careers, advance within or transition to the security industry.  On this page you will find documents highlighting the program overview, application and helpful tips to get the mentor/mentee relationship started!

Please reach out to our Mentorship Program Chair, Andy Yocum, CPP, with any questions regarding the program!

Mentorship Program Overview

The ASIS Chicago Mentorship Program is managed through a committee, led by the mentorship committee chair.  The mentorship committee consists of chapter leaders who collaborate to match the Mentee with a likeminded and functionally similar Mentor for a successful experience. Participation in this program is not a guarantee of future career advancement or employment. The ASIS Chicago Chapter hopes that this network will enhance the Mentee’s prospects, but such outcomes are the responsibility of the Mentee and not of the Mentor or the ASIS Chicago Chapter.  The Mentee understands this relationship is a forum in which to discuss general issues faced in their security career.  Mentors are volunteers, and the advice given over the course of the relationship is intended to guide and help the Mentee.

Mentorship Program Goals

  1. Assist the Mentee in achieving a greater understanding of the chapter and ASIS International in generalShare best practices for professional growth within the Mentee’s career path, as well as growth within the chapter and ASIS International
  2. Grow and maintain the chapter leadership pipeline
  3. Foster higher levels of ASIS International and Chicago Chapter engagement
  4. Provide opportunities for experienced members to share knowledge and ideas with others

Mentorship Program Process

  1. Interested chapter members can request and submit an application to be a Mentor or Mentee by contacting the Mentorship Program Committee Chair, Andy Yocum, at [email protected].
  2. The Mentorship Program Committee will review applications and match Mentors with Mentees. Once paired, both parties will be notified via email.
  3. The Mentor will make the initial engagement to schedule the first meeting.
  4. The Mentor and Mentee hold the initial meeting, with the goal of determining if the collaboration is a good fit and to set reasonable expectations.
  5. The mentorship relationship continues for a period of six (6) months, with the goal of communicating at least once per month. The engagement can continue informally after the initial time period if mutually agreed to.
  6. The Mentorship Program Committee will check in periodically with the pair.
  7. At the end of the six months, both the Mentor and Mentee will complete an evaluation form.
  8. The Mentorship Program Committee will issue a certificate of completion to both the Mentor and Mentee after successful completion of the mentor/mentee relationship cycle.

Mentor Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Must be a current ASIS member (International and Chapter) in good standing
  2. Should have a minimum of five (5) years of management experience
  3. Will commit to guide Mentees in accordance with the duties outlined in this program:
    • Ethically
    • With the best interest of the Mentee in mind
    • Without conflict of interest
    • Provide honest feedback for continued growth
    • Investing adequate time and energy to encourage and promote the program success of the Mentee
  4. Will take the primary role in connecting with the Mentee and establishing and fostering the relationship
  5. Will model proper professional behavior and share industry tips/wisdom about the organizational culture
  6. Will encourage active participation in International and chapter activities, such as networking, attending events, participating in webinars and seeking professional certifications

Mentee Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Must be a current ASIS member (International and Chapter) in good standing
  2. Will invest adequate time and energy
  3. Be respectful of the Mentor’s time and efforts (i.e. time constraints)
  4. Identify specific development goals
  5. Identify individual strengths and opportunities for growth
  6. Will be coachable, open to advice and suggestions, and make a good faith effort to follow up on recommendations
  7. Proactively drive the mentorship relationship
  8. Demonstrate honesty
  9. Be willing to receive and provide feedback
  10. Let the Mentor know if there is a need to alter or end the mentoring relationship for any reason